We are very proud to proclaim that all samples at Malaika Cotton are handmade by highly skilled artisans in Kenya. From our head tailor Hamadi, who creates kimono samples in the workshop or the beautiful jewelry made by Emmanuel. Not to forget to mention Mama Cosmos who creates wood items for home decor.

What does it mean for a piece of clothing to be handmade, rather than machine made? The hand adds a value which has no monetary value but rather a connection with the maker. Today there is a fear of losing that connection, through the wider global scene.

Handmade clothes and home decor takes handcrafting one step further, by celebrating the traditional skills of ancient communities and the advanced high level training required. Malaika Cotton works with women’s groups, collectives and single artisans. This is important for a craftsmanship and traditions to survive in a country and a continent under fast development.

We are proud of all our samples, handmade in our own workshop in Kenya.


Emmanuel makes handmade jewelry for Malaika Cotton using recycled materials:

“Jewelry making is a skill I first learned from my mom. She made beading belts and other Maasai attires. If I wanted a pair of shoes or a school uniform my mom would make me bead some belts which she would sell and buy me what I wanted. This taught me self relience from a very early age.

I came to learn more about fine jewelry making and brass casting after working for a UK based jewelry company in Kenya. Meeting very influential world designers, I was encouraged to take a jewelry making course which made me a great jewelry maker. I love seeing beautiful pieces coming out of what is deemed to be trash and no longer usable.”

Read the stories of Hamadi, Emmanuel and Mama Cosmos and learn more about these highly skilled co-workers at www.malaikacotton.com/stories/


Malaika Cotton – fusing style with ethics. Making a change as we go.

Based in Scandinavia and Kenya, Malaika Cotton is a design brand with a conscience, dedicated to create unique textile products by fusing style with ethics. Based in our Northern design heritage we are influenced and inspired by aesthetics around the world.

Handmade clothes

Handmade clothes

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