We love sustainable clothes and we do it by Fusing Style with Ethics

Based in Scandinavia and Kenya, Malaika Cotton is a design brand with a conscience, dedicated to create unique textile products by fusing style with ethics. With a base in our Northern design heritage we are influenced and inspired by aesthetics around the world.

Sustainable clothes and clothing refers to fabrics derived from eco-friendly resources, such as sustainably grown fiber crops or recycled materials. It also refers to how sustainable clothes are made.

When shopping your clothes it shouldn’t cost the earth. But the way we design, make and discard clothes has a huge environmental impact.

Malaika Cotton work closely with the production of our items to ensure fair conditions, minimal environmental footprint and happy workers.

Proud of our Slow fashion management

The sustainable clothes of Malaika Cotton is produced in the only WFTO* factory, Kiboko Leisure Wear producing garments in Kenya, it’s a small but effective team.

For all our samples and part of our production is made in our own workshop in Kenya.

We work with womens groups, collectives and single artisans. We believe this is important for a craftmanship and traditions to survive in a country and a continent that is under fast development.

We source locally and strive to reuse and recycle in different levels in all product we make.

Go for slow fashion instead of fast fashion.

Sustainable clothes but also Sustainable items for your Home and handmade Jewelry

For Malaika Cotton Details and Home we have small collaborations within materials like Sisal, Bone, Wood, Wool, Brass and all other materials all over Kenya creating jobs in rural areas.

Our jewelry is made of recycled brass Padlocks, door handles and hinges in small batches providing an income in disadvantaged areas in Kenya.

*World Fair Trade Organization

Sustainable clothes