About us

Here’s to the daydreamer, sleepwalker and morning hustler. We are here for you, to get you through your best and worst days all year round.

Inspired by creatives and aesthetics from around the world we make relaxed loungewear to be worn day, noon, night and forever. Handmade with fair conditions from Kenya. Plain and simple – good stuff for good people.

Malaika Cotton - About us


We met in New York in 2004. A midnight coffee at the corner coffeeshop was the start of a friendship… In wellies and PJ’s we discussed life and shared stories and fun ideas.

Our ways parted, Ida opened a hotel on the Kenyan coast and Mikaela pursued her passion within design and textile in Stockholm.

A few years later we reconnected in Kenya over another coffee, this time barefoot in sarongs talking sustainability, how to create jobs and the search for the perfect versatile beach coverup. All of a sudden Malaika Cotton was founded.

/ Ida & Mick