Meeting Hanna Hax Linder

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Who are you:

I’m Hanna Hax Linder, Swedish musician and yoga teacher who’s traveling around the globe. I have this unstoppable urge to teach people about their fantastic bodies. It never stops fascinating me how we can find deeper connections within ourselves through music or yoga!

Favorite food:

My father’s vegetarian lasagne!! You know that dish you think about when you’re soooo hungry!

Favorite drink: 

Fresh coconuts

Favorite book:

The power of now by Eckhart Tolle


Anything in organic food stores!


To become a mother!

What do you do on your resting day:

On my resting days I make sure to REST, eat foods I like and spend time by the piano. Just freely improvising and allowing myself some time by the piano not working, just playing, is like honey for my soul!

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