We think sustainable fashion is timeless fashion. We also think that creating work opportunites where needed is a good thing.

Malaika Cotton works closely with the production of our items to ensure fair conditions, minimal environmental footprint and happy workers.

Malaika Cottons Daywear is produced in the only WFTO* factory producing garments in Kenya, named Kiboko Leisure Wear. It’s a small but efficient team, currently about 80 team members but still focused on efficiency. 10% of the team are working in the management (mainly women) 45 women and 25 men.

All our samples and parts of our production are made in our own workshop in Kenya. Our first co-worker and skilled tailor was Hamadi.

Here is his story:

Born in his home in the Kinondo Village in Kenya near us, by mother Zuhura. At that time they did not record dates or years, but he thinks he is soon to turn 50 years old. He was born in the season of the rains.

He started sewing when he was about 15 years old. His mother took him to their neighbor who was a tailor, Mze Kassim. Kassim taught Hamadi how to sew. He stayed with Kassim for five years learning and eventually working together as a team. In his 20s he worked for a local dressmaking company for a few years. He meet his wife Asha in his 30s and they have five children together (Bidja, Asha, Maoa, Saidi, Rashid). He then resumed to work on his own in the village until he joined us nine years back and he is now head tailor for the Malaika Cotton workshop.

If you ask Hamadi what he thinks about sewing, he smiles and says: Na penda sana (I love it)

*World Fair Trade Organization

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